Suzy Ferguson and the awards that she inspired

Suzy Ferguson

Now in its fourth year, The Suzy Ferguson Spirit Award is open once again to honour one of the industry’s brightest young stars, Suzy Ferguson who died 26th of July 2012 aged just 31.

Suzy was an inspirational person whose work impacted clients and fellow professionals – she also worked tirelessly in the community outside of work, even after she was diagnosed with cancer. Her spirit, talent and infectious enthusiasm touched everyone she met.

To honour her memory, Suzy’s former employer, LEWIS, approached Gorkana with the idea of a unique industry award. Gorkana was chosen after the agency learned the story behind its name – an inspirational Gurkha sergeant who saved the life of the original Gorkana founder.

This year, for the first time ever, there will be two awards:

Firstly we are looking to honour a rising star – so someone who might be at the beginning at their career and who is already inspiring others with integrity and passion, and an inspiration award for someone who leads by example by mentoring or championing others.

The awards are unlike any other in the industry that simply acknowledge professional achievements, these seek to recognise individuals of exceptional character, principle and determination.

Jeremy Thompson, MD Cision EMEA, said: “The spirit of inspiration and determination which characterised Suzy Ferguson is at the heart of our ethos, and bowel cancer is an issue which has very personal resonance for me. I wholeheartedly support anything that we can do to help promote awareness and diagnosis and further the good work of the charity in Suzy’s memory.”

Suzy’s husband Alex Ferguson said: “Suzy did everything in her life with passion – be it in the workplace, at church, or home. She made everyone feel loved and welcome around her, and her favourite line, that she used repeatedly, was ‘Bring It On!’

“She challenged her cancer, and she battled it, and although it eventually beat her, she never gave up without a fight. The biggest thing that Suzy did through everything was love and inspire other people, and I hope this award is given to the person who embodies these same qualities.”

Bowel Cancer UK is the official charity for the award. The charity aims to save lives and improve the quality of life for all those affected by bowel cancer. The charity’s work is essential as early diagnosis is a key challenge in survival. All funds resulting from the award will go towards funding the vital work the charity does.

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