Suzy-and-LewisSuzy chose PR because first and foremost, she loved seeing the positive in people. As a cynical journalist and a liver of this world, I know that’s not an easy task.

It wasn’t when I first knew Suzy, it wasn’t when we were married, and it isn’t now. But Suzy saw the positive in everybody. She was willing to give them a chance – from her colleagues to her clients to the companies she worked for. She wasn’t a fool – she could quite easily see through if someone was lying, but she was always willing to give people a chance. That’s something in this world people don’t often do.

In terms of work, she certainly was the ‘rising star’, but Suzy believed in other people. And because she believed in people, she believed in those around them. She loved working with her team at LEWIS and seeing the best in her colleagues, and they loved her back. I think that’s how you get ahead in PR and get ahead in life – you really believe in your clients, your journalists, and your team. Suzy also loved her clients, and they loved her. She wasn’t a cynical person. Nor was she fake, either.

She got her belief in people from the church and her strong Christian faith. There is no other way of putting it. She was the daughter of a vicar and from an early age she had a relationship with God. From that, she learned to believe in people. Suzy was always the person who could deal with the ‘difficult people’ in life – even me!

I often think that that is a key ingredient to our winners so far – the belief in people. Suzy would have loved these awards because they are all about people believing in other people and being recognised for it, and I think it’s fantastic we’ve had so many nominations.

The people who were moved to nominate believed in those people enough to put them up for an award. We’ve seen awards from small agencies, big agencies, mega-agencies…and you know what? It’s been absolutely incredible. Every person who has nominated should also be recognised.

For me personally, this award is about belief almost above anything else. In people. In God. In loving others. And the Suzy Spirit Awards reflect as much about her as anything else I’ve seen in the four-or-so years that she’s been gone.

Please take this opportunity to nominate someone who moves you, the closing date is Friday 23rd December – so good luck.

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