Suzy Ferguson

Suzy Ferguson inspired me in sickness and in health. I know this because even when she was in her final days, ravaged by cancer and lying in the hospice, one of her friends was talking to her about her problems. The same case was with another work colleague who needed Suzy’s advice about her current trials and travails.

Suzy was a confidante, a friend, and someone people loved to be around. One of her biggest strengths was her ability to be welcoming. She loved standing on the steps of the church, welcoming people to come into the service. In fact, that was where I first met her. She smiled at me – as she did to everyone.

Suzy was so welcoming – and inspired me to be more so – and people loved her for it. You can never say words like “to a fault”, when it comes to being welcoming, because you can only be positive about someone who is. Suzy’s ability to be welcoming came with a beautiful heart – and people knew it. To some, people might have seen her as someone that people took advantage of (sometimes, cynically, it was me!), but to her, it was being the person she loved to be: The listening ear, the wise word, the great consul.

One of the things I’ve been asked to write is about how I’ve coped since she’s been gone. I know I’m doing OK, because I’ve got a beautiful new girlfriend….and I’m still alive. The Suzy Ferguson Award means so much because Suzy was loved by everybody she knew – her family, her friends, and her colleagues.

This is a way of showing people what sort of person she was. There is nothing deeper or Oscar-like about that. And by this award, we want someone who reflects her values. Her values of kindness, hard work, and being nice to everyone she was around was rooted in her background as a Christian. People should nominate if they feel like that the person they are nominating (regardless of faith) fits into those categories.

There are two new categories in 2017 –  the Suzy Spirit Inspiration Award, and the Suzy Spirit Rising Star Award– visit the respective nomination form pages to find out more about each award, and how easy it is to nominate.

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