Suzy Ferguson

I met Suzy on the steps of St Barnabas Church, Kensington when she had already started working at LEWIS.

Suzy loved the job, the people and the clients as much as they loved her. She was sad every time a person left the building. She revelled in their successes both ‘on and off the field’. She came home and told me all the good news, and she LOVED working with people.

But what always stuck with me was the time that she was having a rough time handling the workload and the stresses that come with her job,  so went to look for other opportunities. She handed in her resignation….and the LEWIS office handed it back, with the same terms as the new job, plus agreement to reduce the stress. Suzy was so taken aback by the generosity that she phoned me immediately – came home in tears!

She was very much the graduate but kept her beautiful smile and her “go-getter” attitude, which prevailed until she could no longer work.

LEWIS showed how invaluable she was to them….and she showed loyalty and hard work back. And it never changed. Until it had to for health reasons.

Suzy didn’t have a huge schedule outside of the workplace (frankly, because I was quite the project!), but she always made sure that she made her church Bible studies on a Friday and didn’t put work before her weekends with friends or family.

Her biggest charity was volunteering at the church – she gave so much time and effort to being a member at St Barnabas, and they loved her for it. She put faith first, and everything else came second.

In terms of mantras to live by, she had one, and that was: “Bring it on!”. She never gave up the good fight for anything or anyone. And that was a beautiful thing.

If you know someone who inspires you the same way that Suzy inspired me, her colleagues and her friends, then please nominate them for the 2017 award today.

There are two categories – the Suzy Spirit Inspiration Award, and the Suzy Spirit Rising Star Award– visit the nomination pages to find out more about each award.


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